Hello Spring!

It feels like spring! Flowers on the windows are starting to bloom and bring some colour into the office and for the last few days there has been magic sunshine. This is the time when all our energy has to be put in action and used to bring more productivity to the corporate world.

Here in Modig we are bravely starting new ventures  bringing more energy to our desks that results in better results. With standards and structures in place our new venture SENSES Academy is taking off with its launch to take place on the 10th of May 2017.If you want to continue to receive information about the programme and its activities, feel free, to email us and be first to find out what’s scheduled and what’s done in the field of corporate wellbeing here in Ireland and abroad.

We do it all to keep ourselves energised and fresh, to be able to bring new ideas to our customer and be ready to take on any challenge from health and safety world that work can bring. We love what we do and do it embracing our values. If it reflects in our results and our customer is satisfied, we know we are on the right track.

As the spring has sprung Modig’s team has not been sitting still. We’ve been singing, dancing, running and rocking on the wheels (taking up rollerskating). While one of our team members is packing for a trip to NY with a song, our other team member has been preparing for Ireland’s toughest endurance race “The Race” that took place in March. The Race is a 250 km unsupported endurance event across the rugged landscape of North West Donegal with a finish of 15km of kayaking, 166km of cycling, 5km of mountain running and 64km of road and trail running.

We hope your spring has started as active as ours!