SENSES Academy Launched

We are thrilled that our exciting corporate health and wellbeing initiative “SENSES Academy” has finally been launched. On the 10th of May, 2017 in Castle Oaks House, we separated this part of Modig and got the opportunity to underline the importance of well planned, correctly implemented and measured health and wellbeing programmes to those whom attended on the day. We believe that such a programme needs to be implemented within the policies and structures of any organisation which will give an internal investments in so many ways – increased productivity, less accidents and incidents, better workplace moral, better brand value and so much more.

We would like to say a massive thank you to all attendees for their participation and courage to share their opinions and ideas about corporate and personal wellbeing! It was great to see so many professionals and decision makers within organisations joining us on the day and taking part in the discussion around the importance and the benefits of what SENSES Academy has to offer.

Also massive thanks goes to SENSES speakers Malin Kelly, Damien McLaren, John O’Keeffe and Paul Knapp for making our launch a success! And congratulations to the #Wecametosenses Champions – Team Sharpness!!