Does Menopause Enter Us Into a Vulnerable Worker Risk Category?

Today we are celebrating World Menopause Day 2022. We are raising awareness and educating ourselves about the menopause stages of a women’s life, as a psychosocial workplace hazard. This so that we will be able to support them through the menopause milestones and prepare them for conversations with physicians, families, and friends and most importantly for conversations at work, which will allow them to have a plan in place to manage expectations and targets throughout this time.

Menopause can come with many ‘attributes’ , including brain fog, anxiety, changing sleep patterns, and mood swings. Research studies find that women’s memory does in fact change at menopause, so these complaints are real. Does these changes, like changes in pregnancies or with ill-health, potentially lead those in the stages of menopause, to become a vulnerable risk group for safely performing their work? If so, should we have legal protection for these workers?

Here at Modig, we have prepared the 3R Menopause Workplace Guide with 3 steps – recognise, respond and recover. You may not be able to prevent the brain fog, or the other symptoms, associated with menopause, but you can follow some lifestyle changes and have those all-important conversations, to manage and ease your symptoms and improve your overall menopause journey, whether for yourself, a family member or for your colleagues.

As an employer, you should create a menopause policy and outline what your commitments are to support menopausal people during work. It’s your duty to make a suitable assessment of the workplace risks to the health and safety of all employees.

Let us know what you think! A workplace health and safety risk or not?

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