Is Blue Monday About Math or Myth?

In 2004, psychologist Cliff Arnall, created a formula for the January Blues for travel company Sky Travel in the UK. This formula is the one that has led us to talk about today, the third Monday in January, as Blue Monday.

The maths behind the formula are based on the following factors: 

W = Weather,

D = Debt,

M = Monthly Salary,

T = Time Since Christmas ,

Q = Time Since Failing our New Years’ Resolutions,

M = Low Motivational Levels,

The Feeling of Needing to Take Action.

Whereas there are no studies currently done to establish the full truth behind Blue Monday, it certainly is a time of year that sees us look to the many factors associated with the formula set out by Arnall.

So why not take some extra time this week to reset and refresh?! Give someone your care, maybe even yourself!

Have a great week everyone.

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