It is all about learning!

Today, on the International Day of Education we look at education from a broader perspective.

The Modig team continuously evolve through education and learning and just as importantly we take great pride in educating our customers on all matters relating to safety, health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Today is a day to celebrate and advocate for access to education. It’s a day to remind our employees about the importance of upskilling and improving their knowledge of the tasks which they complete on a daily basis and how to make themselves safer and healthier in their everyday lives. Best of all, it can be done in a way that suits each person: through courses, information sessions, scholarships, books, on the job learnings, events and trainings. So don’t forget to highlight to your team what you offer them in way of learning – it all matters!

It may be a coincidence, but today our CEO, Malin, returns to the NCILR for semester two of her Psychology Degree!! Yes, she is delighted to say she made it past the first semester.

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