Get Inspired. Take Action. Be a part of the green revolution.

Inspire your employees, your business partners and followers – lead by example. Today, on Earth Day, we would like to remind our corporate community that even small steps towards sustainability will show others that you are moving forward, and keep all of your employees and management working together as business decisions are made. Don’t forget – communication and consistency are key!

Here are few Earth Day ideas:

  • Invest in sustainable infrastructure for your business,
  • Go paperless as much as possible,
  • Offer bike-to-work incentives or work from home opportunities for employees,
  • Expand your sustainable investment portfolio,
  • Apply Life Cycle Thinking in production,
  • Support employees volunteering for cleanup events in your local community and celebrate environmental events.
  • Mitigate the carbon impact of your business by planting a forest with the Canopy Project. Why not?

But make it fun. Use pictures. Offer incentives.  Be creative!  Create teams within your company. Empower them to effect change. #EarthDay